Saturday, October 3, 2015

39. Hangin’ Out after School in 1945

When Nancy and I were freshmen at Gettysburg High School in 1945, classes were over at 3:30. After school, Nancy often participated in interclass  competition in volleyball, basketball or field hockey. Unfortunately, seventy years ago, there were no interscholastic sports for high school girls.

On days when she had no games or other extra curricular activities, Nancy would leave school, and go “upstreet” with her girlfriends to Britcher and Bender, Fabers or the Delecto for an afternoon treat.

The most popular place to meet friends after school for treats was the Sweetland on the southeast corner of the square. Every afternoon and evening the booths at the Sweetland were filled with students enjoying sodas, sundaes or cherry cokes.  

On Saturday nights, the upperclass guys hung out in front of the Sweetland and watched the girls go by. The boys whistled and the girls giggled. 

I played Junior Varsity football as a freshman, so I had practice or games after school, but I still found time to join my friends on weekends.  

Varsity football during our freshman year was very discouraging. During the  two previous seasons, GHS won only one game, and in the fall of 1945, we lost the first two games by identical scores of 26 - 0. During the same period, our JV team won two of their first three games. There was hope for the future.

We have mentioned before that our teams in 1945-46 were called the Little Bullets, but that was only until our senior year when the Student Council proposed a school vote to change the name. From 1949 until today, teams at GHS have been the Warriors! Nancy and I still consider ourselves Warriors, but now we fight all the problems that go along with aging!

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