Thursday, February 18, 2016

57. Stuff We Remember

When our favorite radio shows were the Aldrich Family, Fred Allen, Inner Sanctum, Jack Benny, Grand Ole Opry, Lux Radio Theater, Walter Winchell and Your Hit Parade.

When we stopped for gas, someone cleaned our windshield, checked the oil, pumped the gas, air was free and we got green stamps.  

When we  went to the movies, we always saw a cartoon.

When water balloons were the ultimate weapon.

When we made a telephone call, it was always placed through a switch-board operator, and many phones were on a party line.

When washing machines had ringers, we dumped the wash water on the garden, and we hung the wash on a line in the backyard.

When catching fireflies could happily occupy us for an entire evening.

When people sat on their front porch after dinner and greeted their neighbors passing by.

When we loved reading The Saturday Evening Post and Life each week.

When “Olly, Olly, Oxen Free” made perfect sense.

When everyone in your class had an autograph book and every classmate was invited to sign it. 

When life’s most embarrassing moment was being chosen last for a pick up game.

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