Thursday, March 10, 2016

60. Discovering Gettysburg

In 1953, Nancy and I left our hometown of Gettysburg where we grew up in the Forties, but we return several times each year to see old friends and to participate in the National Wreath Project sponsored by the Sgt. Mac Memorial Foundation. 

When we were growing up in Gettysburg, one of our favorite pastimes was to hike areas of the Battlefield few tourists ever see.  

When we were young, we explored the woods south of Williams Avenue below Culps Hill where we discovered a small quarry.  We have also wandered along Rock Creek from Third Bridge on East Confederate Avenue to the Baltimore Pike..  

For Nancy and me, the Gettysburg National Park was, and continues to be a place of discovery. Over many years, we have discovered a wide variety of birds and flowers, trails, meadows and memorials to individuals and units who fought there.  

Millions of people learn important lessons of history when they visit Gettysburg each year. When Nancy and I were growing up there in the Forties, we had many experiences, but our greatest discovery was in 1948 when we realized we were in love.

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