Thursday, June 2, 2016

70. 1946-47 School Year Begins

In September of 1946, Nancy and I were beginning our sophomore year at Gettysburg High School in the historic town where we grew up. The big news that fall was that tourist travel to Gettysburg returned to near normal since prior to World War II.

The National Park Service estimated that 508,641 visitors toured the Battlefield during the 1946 tourist season. Today, Gettysburg attracts well over a million visitors during the same period each year. Heavy traffic and large crowds are two major changes we notice when Nancy and I visit our hometown.

Early in the school year in 1946, students at Gettysburg High School were asked to vote for class officers. Strangely, two of the students  elected by the sophomores would ultimately spend a lifetime together. Nancy was elected secretary of the class, and I was elected president.

Two years later, Nancy and I would fall in love, and seven years later we were married. Recently, Nancy and I celebrated our sixty-third wedding anniversary.  

In our last post we promised to report the result of the first football game in ’46. On September 13, we lost to a seasoned Delone team 13-6. At times, it looked like our team would end the long drought that resulted in a single win the two previous seasons. A fumble in the final period on their own 31, led to the Delone win.

“Don’t be discouraged,” Coach Forney told us later. “You will win games this year!”  

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