Sunday, September 18, 2016

84. We Were a Hearty Bunch

In her diary for Thursday, February 20, 1947, Nancy wrote, “It snowed all day today. It’s real deep and it’s drifting.”  The following day, she wrote, “The snow is from 15-18 inches deep. Only 50% of the kids got to school today, but we had classes anyway!”

On Friday, the Gettysburg Times reported that “schools throughout the County were closed in the afternoon as a result of the snowstorm.” Yet Gettysburg High School remained opened with 50% of the students attending, and Lincoln School for sixth, seventh and eighth grades was open with 85% of the students in attendance.

When Nancy and I were growing up in Gettysburg in the Forties, “Townies” walked to school or hitched a ride with someone who drove. Those who walked to school on Friday, February 21, battled huge drifts and wind described by the Times as “twisting and biting.” Obviously, we were a vigorous and hearty bunch back in the Forties. 

On Friday, the Times also reported that “All County schools announced that basketball games scheduled for tonight have been postponed until later dates.”  According to Nancy’s diary, the Times was wrong. The Gettysburg basketball team played Waynesboro and beat them 45-36. It was our tenth win in 19 games. 

Following the game, there was a dance which Nancy attended “for a little while” with friends. By 1949, the Friday night dances after basketball games would be a normal routine for Nancy and me as a couple.

An article on the sport page of the Times on February 22 reported that Stan Musial, the National Leagues’ batting champion and most valuable player has not yet signed a contract because the St.Louis Cardinals refused to pay him the $30,000 he demanded.

Bryce Harper , the current MVP in the National League, is playing for the Washington Nationals with a two year contract which will pay him $3,750,000 this year.

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