Monday, September 12, 2016

83. A Valentine Party in 1947

Nancy’s 1947 diary reveals that on February 14, she attended a Valentine Party where ten boys and girls were present. Her diary also notes that they danced, ate and played Coffe Pot.  Then they enjoyed playing the kissing game, Post Office.

We recently mentioned the party and the games at a family gathering and were greeted with blank stares. We were particularly surprised that no one heard of Post Office. It is time to enlifghten our grandchildren and great-grandchildren about the games we played when we were growing up in Gettysburg in the Forties.

In Coffe Pot, one player is separated from the others who are asked to come up with a noun, for example, house, dog, tree, shoe. The separated player returns to the group and by asking a series of questions using “coffee pot” in place of the noun, the player has to guess the word.

For example, "Can you eat a coffee pot?" “Is a coffee pot alive?” The other players answer “yes” or “no.” If the guessing player correctly identifies the word, the player who last answered the question is the next guesser.

At the Valentine Party in 1947, it was time to get down to more serious interaction in an exciting game of Post Office.  To play, a boy is chosen to be the postman, and that person leaves the room. Then a girl is chosin to “check her mail.” She knocks on the Post office door, and when she is admitted, they kiss. Nancy remembers checking her mail often when one particular boy was the Postmaster.

We wonder how many boys and girls experienced their first kiss playing Post Office?

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