Wednesday, June 14, 2017

113. Fall 1948

Nancy’s diaries written in the fall of 1948 indicate that her days were primarily devoted to her studies, work (Murphy’s 5 & 10), dating and enjoying her friends. I was involved in football (end), student council (president), dating and not enough with my studies.

By the middle of October, our football team won two, lost two and tied one, scoring 109 points to our opponents 34. We were still contenders for the Conference title, because one of our losses was to a non-Conference team. For the first time in many years, our football team was respected by our opponents. 

Because Nancy and I were preparing for college, we were required to enroll in three sciences prior to graduation. Nancy chose science, biology and chemistry. I enrolled in science, physics and chemistry. Both of us had no problem fulfilling the requirement until we took chemistry. Each of us considered chemistry our most difficult subject  … and the most useless.

Saturday night dates at the movies or the Teen Canteen followed by a snack at the Sweetland or Bankerts were a regular part of our routine.

Both of us went to Sunday services regularly at the Reformed Church which served as a hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg and where we would eventually marry on May 30, 1953.  

Life was good to us when we were dating in high school. Because of our beautiful family and many wonderful memories, it’s even better today.

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