Friday, November 10, 2017

128. From High School Sweethearts to Partners for Life

In 1949, Nancy and I reached a turning point in our relationship. We were no longer high school sweethearts who saw each other every day and dated almost every weekend. 1949 would always be the year we graduated from high school sweethearts to serious adults planning to spend a life together as husband and wife enjoying a family.

In memory of  that important year, we looked for other events which occurred in 1949.

Harry Truman was our president in 1949 when the average income was just under $3,000 and average price of a new car cost $1,400. Today the mean income is around $35,000, and the typical price for a new car is $33,560.

Life expectancy when Nancy and I graduated was 63 years. Today, we are expected live to be 79 years old. 

When my Dad stopped at the Gulf station for gas, he would often ask for, “A buck’s worth.” For a dollar in 1949, he got almost six gallons. Today, for the same amount of gas, we pay an average of $15.18.

When we rode our bikes to the corner “Mom and Pop” grocery store for a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, we paid $.84 for the milk and $.14 for the bread. Today, the milk cost $3.50 and the bread cost $2.59.

Finally, if Nancy and I had purchased one share of Pepsi Cola Stock in 1949 at $9.75 and never withdrew money from it, today, we would have 402 shares because of splits and reinvestments, and the value of our shares would be $45,024. If we had purchased ten shares, today we would have….. we don’t want to know!  As Sinatra sang:

“Regrets we have a few, but then too few to mention." 

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